Oresund Debrezzzyyy *Not*
Eamon Gallagher - Malmo, Sweden

Please view Oresund Debrezzzyyy Here is another one from last week & some may be curious as to why I have named it as such. Well I'm not entirely sure where the expression dbreezied originated? & I could be wrong, but think it may have emanated from one of the plethora of amazing pacific northwest photographers in the states. Its often tagged along side images when one is sulking & shedding a tear over missing a sunset only viewed from their offices, or cars or somewhere they would much rather not be! But in this instance I was not dbreezied! & kind of makes up for the epic one I missed some weeks back & skulked over in my back garden. Stay up to date at with the latest at Visit EyeOfAlens

2015-02-03 19:02:35 UTC
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