Mystical Sunset 2
Larry Marshall Photography - Carlsbad, Usa

In San Diego, you can generally tell by the cloud formations during the day whether or not you will have good conditions for a colorful sunset. Recently, there have been beautiful clouds most of the day, and then near sunset, they all burn off leaving a clear sky. Not exactly ideal for a good sunset shot. This day however, the clouds rolled in and exploded with color as the sun set. Definitely up there with one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen, especially with the calm tide pool reflecting the colorful sky. The only saturation for the shot was done by mother nature........not Lightroom! It was so peaceful, not another soul around, except for the sea lions that kept swimming into the tide pool and sliding up on the exposed reef. Truly a gift to see this incredible sight!

Sony A7R
21mm F2.8
21 мм
2 с
2015-02-03 19:02:20 UTC
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