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A beautiful twilight in the enchanting mountain village of Hallstatt, the pearl of Austria... When I posted a photo last week, I said that I could feel that 2015 was going to be an incredible year for travel - which I believe to be 100% true. Unfortunately though, the next day I came down with a nasty virus and the furthest I’ve traveled over the past few days is the few short blocks between the supermarket and my hotel room bed! So yeah, that happened. ;) The good news is that I’m starting to feel better now, but the forced downtime is unfortunate and I do apologize for not connecting with everyone in Sydney while I’ve been in town. I really did have grand plans for photography sessions and get togethers. Though I’m leaving for Singapore later this morning, I’ll try to get back to Sydney soon! Out of the many cities and towns we visited last year, there were a select few that Naomi and I really connected with and Hallstatt was definitely one of them. In fact, just the act of processing this photo flooded me with a series of memories from our time in Austria last fall. I figured that's because I either have a strong emotional connection to Hallstatt or I managed to take way too much NyQuil. Either way, this entire area is just spectacular and the whole time we were there, we couldn’t help but feel totally relaxed and content to just slow things down and enjoy the incredible scenery. I can definitely se myself returning for a second visit in the future. If you're interested in my work, feel free to drop me a line on Instagram or my website

2015-01-15 08:48:39 UTC
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