~Tuesday morning~
Laura Lakstedt - Hämeenlinna, Finland

It is freezing cold outside... temperature is way below zero, it is over -20 degrees of Celsius. We are about to eat breakfast and I say, "I can't eat now, I must go out to shoot that sun!" I dress up quickly and take my camera and my oldest lens Tamron 18-270 and said to my family, I will come back in 15 minutes... That 15 minutes stretch to over an hour... But very nice was that sunrise and cold didn't mind me at all :) About lenses... I shoot with that Tamron early at morning and later I took some photos from my son with Tamron and with my favorite lens 135L and it is quite the difference... Tamron is ok, but 135L is love.. ;) Photo is via my Flickr account

Canon EOS 60D
50 мм
1/500 с
2015-01-08 15:56:48 UTC
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