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Yunli Song - Oxford, United Kingdom

My faith began to wane after 4 failed sunset shoots at this site. Other photographers left. Finally this 2-minute window of red moment appeared, and then disappeared quickly. Everything in this picture is real, i.e. absolutely from a single RAW file. I guess this concludes the "real" sunset shoots for my persistence in London. It's ashamed that more and more people with visual design specialties tend to do composite and blending of ignited skies to achieve eye candy and it's hard to judge that as that's a much more cost effective way. You earn respect by doing it in the real way, but it requires a lot more efforts and luck. I can see the trend that "real and pure" photography will eventually be the persistence of the minority (with time and money). Technical details: Alpa 12 STC (back fall movement for perspective control) Rodenstock 40mm f4 HR @ f11 (slight swing for focal plane control) Lee Big Stopper Lee 2-stop ND soft grad Phase One IQ250 (delivers state-of-the-art dynamic range)

Rodenstock 40mm f4 HR
40 мм
120 с
2015-03-30 14:44:57 UTC
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