Colorful lights over Reykjavik
Dagur Jonsson - Reykjavik, Iceland

We got some very strong Northern Lights hovering over the Reykjavik capital area last night. I went to the seashore in Seltjarnarnes which is located within the captal area to capture the scenery. For a short moment the sky was very colorful with the lights hovering over the Reykjavik capital area. I was able to witness the scene from the prime spot near the golf course in Seltjarnarnes where you have great view towards the capital. A very special moment for me. If you like my work you can follow me on Facebook here. You can also follow me on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Canon EOS 700D
Samyang 14mm F2.8
20 с
2015-03-20 08:30:05 UTC
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