Pierre Pelli - Suc, France

Doloshit Hello everyone, It has been a long time since my last upload here. I tried to focus more on other sharing platform, but i miss 500px finally I've leaned more and more about photography, and sometimes it is not so good to know more. I come back with a very iconic place, that i visited during fall 2017. Santa Maddalena in Val di Funes. Why Doloshit? Because if you just have seen many and many Dolomites pictures on internet, something that you dont get about it is the smell. Farmers spread cow's poo on their field, and i have to say that it smells very stronf everywhere!! That might be something that you didnt know! Another one is, thoose mountains that you see on the pictures, the Geisler/Odle Peaks, are the first that Reinhold Messner has climbed when he was 13. If you dont know him, he was the first man on earth to climb all the 14 summits above 8000m. A legend, who was born here and raised here. Just to stay that if you love the mountain, you will find something special in the Dolomites. Then, if you never went to the Italian Dolomites, you will be surprised that it has nothing to do with Italy. It is more like, Germany, Austria or Switzerland. I used to share a brief explanation about my post processing, but for this one it will be difficult. All i can say it's that is one of the pictures of mine that i prefer until now. The processing was long, and i dont really remember what i did. I know that i focus more on colors harmony and tonal balance. With all the same tools as usual. It is a panorama made of 10 or 12 vertical pictures. I really love this picture, even if i made it few month ago. It is very different from my other pictures. I would be so glad to hear what you think about it guys! (If you enjoy my work, be sure to follow me on instagram. There are some pictures that feet more over there than here) Thank you - Peace

2018-02-14 15:08:48 UTC
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