trælanípan. leitisvatn. faroe islands. Honest time ...

trælanípan. leitisvatn. faroe islands. Honest time ...
Tanner Wendell Stewart - Seattle, United States

trælanípan. leitisvatn. faroe islands. Honest time... There is almost always a story behind my images. This place for example was a sunrise hike, winter storm that is still vivid in my imagination. However when it comes to writing most stories down, I struggle to clearly communicate my thoughts. We are all our own worst critics. When it comes to writing I am easily tongue tied, frustrated, and find myself rewriting simple things over and over. I often write a lot and delete it all. I even decided to stop writing and nearly 2 years went by, and I felt voiceless. I still sorta-kinda feel as if I should just let my photos speak for themselves. Photography became my passion when I was 13 years old, but it started with writing. In 7th grade, I took a photo for a writing assignment. My journalism teacher contacted our local newspaper and asked to have me apprentice for them. She didn’t even tell me she called them... I got home and there was a message on our answering machine that asked me to visit the newspaper office. I rode my bike there the next day and remember feeling nervous. They offered me an apprenticeship to take photos of rodeos, parades, sports, and concerts. I got my first assignment to shoot photos of a fair dance and a live country concert. I had my first photo published on the cover, of a cowboy playing a mandolin! I got $13.50 and I used the money to buy a punk rock cd. Since that moment I’ve wanted to be a photographer. 18 years later, I’ve learned that it’s not one or the other. I dream of being a good writer, but I haven’t put the same amount of effort into writing as I have into photography. I’m realizing, even as I write this honest statement, that the answer is... do and do more. Expect more stories, and honest time from me... Thanks for reading! @visitfaroeislands #faroeislands

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