Fire In The Welsh Skies
The Narratographer - United Kingdom

Tal-y-Llyn lake is situated in the Welsh district of Gwynedd, at the southern foot of the Snowdonia mountain range. I stumbled upon it purely by accident, having gotten lost on my way somewhere else. On the morning I found it, at around 5.30am a couple of days ago, it was as calm as a graveyard. Slowly, before the sun made an appearance to the right of frame, the clouds were lit a deep, burnt orange. All of the colours in this image are original. This is not an HDR or had any editing (apart from sharpening) at all. I wanted to capture a little movement in the sky and the water, without turning it completely to milk. So, instead of using my Big Stopper, which would have resulted in an exposure time of around 4 minutes, I instead used a trio of ND grads, one of which I inverted, in order to balance the exposure but keep it within an acceptable range.

Canon EOS 5DS R
24 мм
2 с
2017-04-01 14:52:17 UTC
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