My last photo's on 500px :-(
Remo Scarfò - Amsterdam , Netherlands

I will STOP on 500px. The are right now people on the frontpage in the top 15 that voted 4897 times a day ...and the man with the irritating Squirrels is also back thought that they deleted his account?...??? !!! He is standing in the top ten ...with hit bot's/robot's that voted 12.500 times to get a high position..get really depressed here...and come on 4897 votes one 1 day to get in the top of 500px.. :-( If you hoover on somebody's affection you can see how many votes somebody has given to other people here.

Sony A7R
Zeiss T* 16-35 F4
17 мм
17 с
2017-03-12 10:05:58 UTC
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