Une fois à Foix
Pierre Pelli - Suc, France

For once, here is a cityscape. Here is the cathar castle of Foix. I've bought a new child carrier, because my daugther is growing, and i've found one which is pretty good. It allows me to take her almost everywhere i go and shoot with her. She is very interested in the tripod and all the little things that i carry with my gear. Once the tripod is all set up and steady, she wants to touch it of course and push on every single button of the camera. This makes the task more complicated sometimes but it worth it because my pictures have always something more when she is with me. (In my point of view of course) So we found a steep path which led us to this point of view. Even if my new carrier is more confortable, its getting always heavier with time :) We reach the area around 5pm and we had to wait until the lights went on... It was around 6.40pm. For once, i had time to set up, which is very rare, find a compo.... I started to shot what i had composed on a 10mm focal... Shooting multiple exposure, on different aperture, f8, f/22... But when the lights have turned on, i realised that my composition wasnt working at all. 10mm was a very bad choice, because the castle was very small and far. So i decided to put my 16-55mm, and composed a new image in emergency, which is not rare anymore. We were in the last moments of the blue hour, and all my expectations about blending multiple exposure in time was ruined. So i started to take some verticals shot in order to make a panorama. At this time, my little girl began to be a little bit annoyed of course, because we were on the top of a hill, the night was falling, we had nothing left to eat, and the air began to be cold. Of course, since the beginning, she has not ceased to be obsessed by the tripod and the remote's cable. But no misunderstandings, i love being outdoor with her, because she loves it and she is interesed is every little things. It is not as quiet and simple as when i go alone, but it is way more rewarding. I started to build a panorama with 21 images. On this time i spend more times in the RAW sofware making adjustements, thing that i do not regret and i will remake. Three groups of 7 pictures. Each group for -1 / 0 / +1 exposure. Once i got 3 panoramas made of 7 images i started to blend them. I took the +1 pano for the foreground, the 0 exposure for the background, and -1 to replace some highlights in the sky and spot lights. I'm noticing now that i forgot some clipped areas. After that i was ready to start with a good base. Th rest of the work has had a great deal to do with midtones curves, micro contrast, dodge and burn, color harmony and sharpening. I did not cloned out the tree branches on the right corner because it would have taken me forever. Finally i'm very happy with the result because i've found some new ways to work, and it will add some different colors to my gallery. Thanks for your time, reading, liking, commenting. Peace

2017-02-23 12:11:30 UTC
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