Zamami jima - Okinawa
P Ak Doc K @P Ak Doc K - Granada, Spain

In front of Aka islands, there is another paradisiac piece of land called Zamami. We arived there the day after the Goni typhoon passed through Okinawa but we didn't notice anything strange, the beaches were beautiful, the coral riffs were amazing and we swam with a firendly turtle at sunset. Beautiful light, long exposure. Lost in the Pacific Ocean. Zamami island. Okinawa, summer 2015 --------------------------------------------------------------- More at PAk DocK in Pinterest | | PAk DocK in Instagram PAk DocK in facebook | | PAk DocK in twitter | | PAk DocK in Tumblr PAk DocK©

Voigtlander 15mm Wide Heliar II
15 мм
1 с
2016-08-29 08:47:55 UTC
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