In the Mist
Korawee Ratchapakdee - Chonburi, Thailand

Tea Plantation, 2000 one spot on Doi Ang Khang is a spectacular dig sunrise mist mix. In an atmosphere of streaks of tea convert gradient in high angle. Two thousand tea plantation is located on the left hand side before the North and then home. When there are no signs in the area to make inquiries to the locals. 2000 Valley tea plantation, a small but very beautiful. With views of the sea and strawberry farms, tea farms. Stepped on the hill A picture that you will be impressed. Because of the mist here Is like water flowing through the gorge. Surrounded on all sides See comfort I just want to stop time. Credit : Digital retouch 2 photos blending mode

28.0-300.0 mm f/3.5-5.6
32 мм
1/80 с
2016-07-19 12:37:46 UTC
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