Traditional fishing 传统渔业
Daniel Metz - Grenoble, France

This place with this magical scenery is called Xialong (under the dragon 下龙). This is located on the Li River, a few kilometers upstream of Xingping. In my opinion this is the most beautiful scenery along the Li River surroundings When preparing my shots with these two boats, I immediately felt that I had to decentralize the two strength points that are lanterns. I wanted the eyes can scan the image from right to left between two lamps. The two fishermen giving balance of the composition, eyes move freely on this beautiful landscape background. These old cormorant fishermen fit today the demands of photographers. I want to thank my friend Kang Kang 康抗 helped me a lot for taking contact with the Huang family.

30 мм
1/80 с
2015-01-31 17:35:37 UTC
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