Second Chance
Geo Messmer - Ffb/Munich, Germany

This is an Composition with one of my pics. I mixed the pelican with 2 Stock Pictures, the fish and some Waterdrops, to create this idea from the second chance. Originals: Pelican: Fish: Drops: some mixed drops from google pictures hope you like it ! Thank you all very much..and thank you for 5 Dislikes..why the hell you press this button? If you don`t like it, just go. But only for annoying, thats bull**** Thank you 500px for this EditorsChoice..that makes me very proud. Thank you Pelican for having time Thank you Falko Friederichs for cruising to Nuernberg Thank you Google for you Picture-Search Thank you very much for your feedback and likes

Canon EOS 60D
200 мм
1/500 с
2015-01-06 12:07:16 UTC
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