~ Amsterdam ~
Remo Scarfò - Amsterdam , Netherlands

Edited with my NEW Amsterdam Blue Hour Glow 5 Lightroom Preset as a starting point for quick and easy editing. And I used my 3 of my new Color lookup tables for Photoshop for the finishing touch. All my 7 Lightroom Preset Bundles and the Special Golden Hour Pack with a total from over the 225 presets worth €235,- are now €60,- And you get for the finishing secret-touch my 10 most used 3DL Photoshop Color Lookup tables for free My packs of Lightroom presets/ Photoshop Color Lookup Tables is different from others because instead of putting a tinted filter on top of your photo, it reprograms the color values of each individual color so you get a distinct one of a kind look. This process makes all the difference. I think you’ll be more than impressed with what these Adobe Lightroom presets can do to your photos . For more info

2017-10-03 09:08:13 UTC
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