Aylin In The Dropland - California, Usa

I wish I were a cloud and got loaded and rained and could have poured my drops on my land or I were a mad creek, a rebel wind and could have joined vineyards I wish I'd woken up to my mother's voice, and there was a drop of dew, a nightingale's warble the radio was on and a touching fiddle sound wept the *Nihavend Acemashiran melodies I wish I were a whooper and hit the roads and could have flied away to my own skies and went back to my homeland at the crack of dawn, and greeted those mountain ranges Neighbor's girl, the morning star summer gardens, green, purple, red Oh, the cruet is rubious, the moon is crescent I never saw a summer like that again...

2016-11-21 10:04:48 UTC
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